Finmere Car Boot: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Bargains

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If you’re on the hunt for great deals and unique finds, look no further than Finmere Car Boot. Located in Buckinghamshire, England, Finmere Car Boot is one of the largest and most popular car boot sales in the area. In this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need to know about this exciting event, including what to expect, where to find it, and how to make the most of your visit.


Finmere Car Boot is located in the village of Finmere, just a short drive from the A421 and A43. The exact location of the car boot sale can vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions, so it’s always best to check the event’s official website or social media pages for the most up-to-date information.

What to Expect

Finmere Car Boot is known for its diverse range of stalls, selling everything from antiques and collectibles to household items and clothing. The sellers are a mix of regulars and one-time sellers, so you never know what you might find. Some of the most popular items include vintage furniture, rare books, and unique handmade crafts.

In addition to the stalls, there are also food vendors selling a range of snacks and refreshments. Whether you’re in the mood for a hot cup of tea or a delicious burger, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your hunger.

Tips for a Successful Visit

To make the most of your visit to Finmere Car Boot, it’s important to come prepared. Here are a few tips to help you have a successful day:

Arrive early: The best deals are often found in the first few hours of the car boot sale, so try to arrive as early as possible.
Bring cash: While some sellers may accept card payments, it’s always best to bring cash to ensure you don’t miss out on any bargains.
Wear comfortable shoes: Finmere Car Boot can be a large event, so be prepared to do a lot of walking. Wear comfortable shoes to ensure you can explore all the stalls without getting tired.
Bargain: Don’t be afraid to haggle with sellers to get the best possible price for an item you’re interested in.

Exploring Finmere Car Boot: A Shopper’s Guide

Are you looking for a unique shopping experience that is both affordable and fun? Look no further than Finmere Car Boot, a popular open-air market located in the picturesque village of Finmere, Buckinghamshire. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about Finmere Car Boot and why it’s a must-visit destination for shoppers.

What is Finmere Car Boot?

Finmere Car Boot is a weekly open-air market that takes place on Sundays from 7am to 2pm, and Bank Holiday Mondays from 7am to 1pm. The market is located in a large field on the A421, just off the Finmere roundabout. With over 200 stalls, Finmere Car Boot is the largest car boot sale in the area and attracts visitors from all over Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

What can you expect to find at Finmere Car Boot?

Finmere Car Boot is a treasure trove of unique and interesting items, ranging from antiques and collectibles to clothing and toys. The market is a popular destination for vintage and retro enthusiasts, with many stalls offering one-of-a-kind items from the past. You’ll also find a wide range of household items, such as furniture, kitchenware, and bedding, as well as garden tools and plants.

What makes Finmere Car Boot special?

Aside from the vast selection of items available, Finmere Car Boot is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The market is run by a team of volunteers who work hard to ensure that both buyers and sellers have a positive experience. With plenty of free parking and on-site catering facilities, Finmere Car Boot is the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning with family and friends.

Tips for shopping at Finmere Car Boot

To make the most of your visit to Finmere Car Boot, it’s a good idea to arrive early in the morning. The best bargains are often snapped up quickly, so it pays to be an early bird. Be prepared to haggle with the sellers, as many are willing to negotiate on prices. It’s also a good idea to bring cash, as not all sellers accept card payments.

Finmere Car Boot is a unique shopping experience that is not to be missed. With its vast selection of items, friendly atmosphere, and affordable prices, it’s the perfect destination for bargain hunters and vintage enthusiasts alike. So why not pay a visit to Finmere Car Boot this weekend and see what treasures you can uncover?


Finmere Car Boot is a fantastic day out for anyone looking for bargains and unique finds. With a diverse range of stalls and vendors, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re an avid collector or just looking for a fun day out, Finmere Car Boot is definitely worth a visit.

So why not grab your shopping bag and head to the next Finmere Car Boot event? You never know what treasures you might find.


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