“Festival and ball weapon”

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is a type of weapon in the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Lost Ark. The weapon belongs to the Bard class, which is a support class that specializes in providing buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies.

festival and ball weapon lost ark

The is a unique weapon that has a variety of abilities that are useful in combat. It can be used to heal allies, increase their damage output, and decrease the damage taken by enemies. The weapon also has the ability to grant temporary invincibility to the Bard, allowing them to survive attacks that would normally be fatal.

The Festival and Ball weapon is obtained through a special questline that is only available during certain events in the game, such as festivals or other special occasions. During these events, players can participate in various activities and quests to earn rewards, including the Festival and Ball weapon.

In addition to its unique abilities, the Festival and Ball weapon is also known for its appearance. It is a brightly colored weapon that resembles a giant ball covered in ribbons and streamers. The weapon is often seen as a symbol of celebration and is a popular choice for players who want to add a festive touch to their character’s appearance.

In Lost Ark, Festival and Ball Weapons are a special type of weapon that can only be used during certain events and festivals. These weapons have unique designs and are usually more powerful than regular weapons.

To obtain a Festival or Ball Weapon, players must participate in events and complete quests related to that event. These events can range from seasonal festivals to special limited-time events. Once a player completes the event or quest, they can receive a Festival or Ball Weapon as a reward.

Festival Weapons

Are typically obtained during seasonal festivals, such as Christmas or Halloween, while Ball Weapons are obtained during other events, such as the Lost Ark Anniversary celebration. These weapons are often designed to reflect the theme of the event and can have special abilities or bonuses that make them highly sought after by players.

In addition to their unique designs and abilities, Festival and Ball Weapons are also highly collectible. Many players enjoy collecting these weapons as a way to show off their achievements and to add to their collections.


Festival and Ball Weapons are a fun and exciting way for players to participate in Lost Ark events and to obtain powerful and unique weapons that can help them in their adventures throughout the game. Festival and Ball weapon is a unique and powerful weapon that is highly sought after by Bard players in Lost Ark. Its ability to heal allies and grant temporary invincibility makes it a valuable addition to any party, and its appearance adds a fun and festive element to the game.


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