Eyewitness Accounts Unfold: Survival Amidst Chaos in Prague Gunman Incident

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Multiple witnesses recount their harrowing experiences during the Prague shooting incident that claimed the lives of 14 individuals, leaving 24 others injured.

Charles University turned into a scene of terror as gunshots pierced through the air, plunging the historic heart of Prague into pandemonium. Students and bystanders describe moments of panic and fear amid the bustling streets frequented by locals and tourists alike.

Jakob Weizman, a journalist and master’s student, vividly recalls the chilling moments during an Albanian language exam when the tranquility was shattered by the sound of gunfire and screams. Huddled in a small room with his professor, they faced the unknown as the chaos unfolded.

“I heard gunshots, and I heard screaming,” Weizman recounted. Fearing for their lives, they swiftly secured the classroom, barricading themselves with tables and chairs against the impending danger.

The shooter’s movements seemed erratic, as Weizman speculated, “I think the shooter went from inside of the faculty to the outside to the balcony where he was shooting on people from outside.” Desperate attempts at escape ensued, with individuals seen trying to find refuge even on ledges.

The suspense lingered as the shooter attempted to breach their sanctuary, attempting to force open the door. “We locked our door just five minutes before he tried to open our door,” Weizman revealed, narrating the narrow escape.

For an agonizing hour, trapped in room 309A, Weizman and his professor communicated with loved ones, uncertain of what the next moment held. “If it’s the end, trying to say what you can before – I don’t know. You’re never prepared for the situation,” he expressed.

After sporadic lulls, the chaos resumed, punctuated by more gunfire and terrified screams, intensifying the dread within the confined space.

Their rescue finally came as law enforcement evacuated them from the horror. However, the aftermath bore witness to the grim reality as bloodstains adorned the once-hallowed halls of the university.

Outside the university, the vibrant Charles Bridge transformed into a scene of urgency, with police vehicles and ambulances racing through its ancient arches. The city’s lively Christmas markets gave way to empty squares, marked by the echoes of the tragic event.

Eyewitnesses like Joe Hyland and Ivo Havranek recall the chilling moments of realization when what seemed like distant noises escalated into a scene of panic and terror. Havranek admitted, “I wasn’t ready to admit that something like that could happen in Prague.”

Even visitors on their honeymoon, like Tom and Rachael, found themselves trapped in the midst of the unfolding tragedy, seeking refuge as instructed by authorities.

The account takes a chilling turn as Petr Nedoma, director of the Rudolfinum Gallery, recounts encountering the gunman, witnessing the disturbing sequence of events unfold before police ultimately discovered the assailant’s identity.

As Jakob Weizman contemplated his ordeal, he faced the daunting task of retrieving his belongings, his faith in the safety of the faculty shattered. “It never happened in 15 years of living in the US. But it happens for the first time in Czechia,” he reflected, encapsulating the shock reverberating through the community.


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